As a Health Coach and Fitness Professional I believe the body achieves what the mind believes. This means health and wellness includes caring for your mental health along with your physical health.

Feelings of fear, anxiety, sadness, and uncertainty are normal during a pandemic. Fortunately, being proactive about your mental health can help to keep both your mind and body stronger.

Ways to take care of yourself include:

  • Reading the news from reliable sources (and take breaks from the news). Turn off the news.
  • Recognizing the things, you can control, like having good hygiene or traveling less, accept the unknow and uncertainty of the situation focusing on the opportunity for new beginnings.
  • Taking measures only if recommended by the CDC not an unreliable source
  • Practicing self-care by meditating or doing something that brings calm to your life.
  • Seeking professional help from a licensed mental health professional if necessary

Yours in Health,


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